About Us

Our Mission: To identify and address social, cultural and educational NEEDS of North American Hyderabadi Community.

Hyderabad Association (or HA) is the newly establish but its growing and biggest Indo-American organization in North America. Hyderabad Association was founded at a community gathering in Schaumburg, IL, USA in June 12, 2013 by some of the prominent Hyderabadis from Metropolitan Chicago and North West suburb of Illinois. Hyderabad Association (henceforth HA) was incorporated in April 2013 as a not-for-profit organization. The mission of Hyderabad Association is to identify and address social, cultural and educational needs of North American Hyderabad Association Community in general. Hyderabad Association aims to perpetuate, integrate, and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Hyderabadis people into the mainstream of North America. Hyderabad Association is a pioneer and pace setter, and role model for innovations in promoting culture and serving the community.

Hyderabad Association will play an important role in developing, nurturing, preserving and propagating Hyderabadi culture and arts specific to the Hyderabadis. Hyderabad Association invites eminent Hyderabadi sports personalities, painters, sculptors, poets, singers, musicians, actors and other eminent artists so that Hyderabadi people across North America as well as the local connoisseurs can savor the brilliance of Hyderabadi culture and arts. Hyderabad Association through its annual conventions facilitates in showcasing a Variety of talents and skills. Hyderabad Association conventions will serve as a platform for events that are uniquely Hyderabadi. The conventions provide opportunities to strengthen the social bonds and create an environment for the preservation and growth of Hyderabadi culture and traditions before it is lost to posterity.

Hyderabad Association takes pride in its efforts to preserve and propagate Hyderabadi culture. Hyderabad Association hopes to established and support teaching programs in Urdu and Telugu at various US Universities and institute educational scholarships for needy students. Hyderabad Association will conduct annual, novel and short story competitions. Sponsorship of publications will act as a catalyst for new trends in Urdu and Telugu literature.

Hyderabad Association will play an important role for Urdu being recognized by the Government of India as a classical language. Hyderabad Association recognizes people striving to promote and preserve Urdu and Telugu languages by honoring them with the award.