1. Welfare: Hyderabad Association will provide platform to discuss the concerns and problems and evolve to pver come them. Besides, help the needy and poor back home.
    2. Education: Enhance educational opportunities for the children of Hyderabadi Indian American citizens in collaboration with the educational Institutions.
    3. Professional & Career Advancement: Create adequate opportunities for the professionals to interact and share knowledge and experience in their respective field, so also to create a net-working to share career opportunities.
    4. Investment: Share information on investment opportunities in India and act as a channel of communication between potential investors and the other bodies.
    5. Employment Guidance & Information: Act as an informal forum for continuous exchange of information on employment opportunities. Facilitate potential employers with available resources of manpower and the aspirants in the recruitment process.
    6. Cultural: Strengthen the bonding of communities and develop better understanding through this medium.

Services/Social Services


    1. Support needy and help widows to start their own business and livelihood in India.
    2. Develop data base for matrimonial services.


    1. Sponsor meritorious students in accomplishing higher education.
    2. Resolve problems of students as well as teachers in local school by our strong representation in the United States of America.
    3. Provide training in Personality Development.
    4. Career Counseling and furnish information of Educational Institutions.

Professional Advancement:

    1. Organize Seminars to enhance their professional skills.
    2. Organize professional presentations which will increase knowledge of the attendees and capabilities of the presenter.
    3. Creating data base to develop business relations within the community.

Share the information of Property Developments and other Investment Opportunities.

Create a Central System for placement of new comers and for the people looking for better prospects.